My Baby Jo

My Baby Jo was founded and started by rockabilly/retro enthusiasts Darla and Isaiah in 1999. They first began creating women's hairpieces and other small goods that paid homage to the glorious 1940’s-1960’s.
Prides themselves in carrying brands that are local and are made in the good old U.S of A. My Baby Jo also has a house brand of vintage inspired apparel. These items are done with dead stock vintage fabrics and are cut, sewn, and stitched as they were back in the day. My Baby Jo also carries an exquisite selection of beautifully crafted hats for men in various sizes and colors for men of all taste.


Ruby Threads Clothiers

Every guy needs a nice, well fitted suit at the ready. Get one from us.

Ruby Threads has been voted one of the best tailors in Seattle. They do great custom, fitted suits, where you get to choose every detail of your suit. Pick the fabrics, the cut and even the threading.

You'll be stretched to find another place where you can get a three piece suit with a shirt and tie for less than $300!