Frequently Asked Questions


Code of Conduct

At Harvest Moon Weekend, we have worked hard to put together a fun and enjoyable weekend. To us, the safety and well being of our campers is very important. We want everyone to enjoy their time during the weekend and keep coming back for years to come.

Any reports of inappropriate behavior among campers, or toward staff, will result in the attendee being asked to leave the event and premises.

Please do not hesitate to report anything you feel is inappropriate immediately to anyone on staff, or the event organizers directly, so that we can deal with the problem immediately.


Is there any admission fee into the park?

The entirety of Fort Worden State Park is completely free and does not require any kind of admission fee.

Do I need to pay to park on the premises?

Parking inside of Fort Worden State Park is completely complementary. If you are staying in one of the houses on the property, there will be parking for your building. If you are visiting the park for the day, you will need to park in the common lots or parking spaces, located throughout the property.

What is the different in tickets?

The difference between a party pass and a weekend pass is that the party pass only includes the admission to the dances Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  The weekend pass includes the dances, but also includes the instruction from our world renouned and fantastic teachers.